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summers coming....but i need it to snow!!

April 17th, 2013 at 02:54 am

Well the car was a total disaster, i told the garage to put it back together and they went ahead and changed the seals and reskimmed the head anyways....(its not even the seals that had gone its the pistons) then the original quote of 380 went up to 525 as they decidced to try and change the oil and filter. Its smoking more now than what it did before they worked on it!! Shouldnt have paid but its a bit akward when its my "friends friend" and they refused to give me my car back....then after i paid he says for another 300 they will sort the pistons out...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a scam....and my car tax is due this month thats about 125 for 6 months!!!

so i was totally unprepared for this bill and yep its gone on the credit card brining my new total to 2498.74. I have tried to apply for credit cards with 0% balance transfers and keep on being declined Frown

so i have just opened an internet savings account with my online banking and called it "snowflakes" i will put any money no matter how little in there and hopefully watch it add up im still aiming to pay my credit card off by 1st December.

the weather is now picking up which means bye bye to the 30 a week on the gas metre!! i should only be putting 15 a week on the metre!! yahoooo!!

1 Responses to “summers coming....but i need it to snow!! ”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I would let my friend know how badly their friend did. At the very least your friend will think twice before recommendng their friend again.

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