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April 25th, 2013 at 02:36 am

i dont know what made me check my bank balance at 12 o clock at night...guess i just like to see how many snowflakes ive saved!!! Well bless my dad, he'd put a 1000 in my bank, i paid this off my credit card! so now my balance stands at 1398.72!! I was so over the moon i couldnt sleep!!

But in the morning i had to take my friend to the cancer hospital. after taking nearly a year to diagnose skin cancer, its taken 6 months to get an appointment at the cancer hospital and now hes on a waiting list of another 6 months to have it removed!!! our government is a complete joke, all the MP's robbed thousands of tax payers money claiming back false expenses, then they spend 10,0000 on thatcher's funeral...but they cant staff our hospitals or even clean them......i hate our governmentbut thats another story!!!

i hope me buddy makes a full recovery tho and keeps strong whilst waiting his op.

4 Responses to “MIXED EMOTIONS ”

  1. snafu Says:

    Different country...different medical system. As a survivor, I hope it's ok to mention that it's so important for patient to have the most positive outlook possible. Family, relatives and friends can be so helpful by only making positive, uplifting comments. So much is dependent on how the patient views the future and how their handle the stress from fear of outcomes.

    I don't know how your system works but generally patients who are at the greatest risk get swept to the top of the list. Specialists {Oncologists] advocate for patients whose medical situation is life threatening but who have excellent to strong recovery outcomes. Patients who need treatment but have been assessed as s-l-o-w growth do have longer wait times but they are regularly assessed and need to see their GP PDQ if there is any change during wait time. It can change requirements.

    I know from personal experience how hurtful thoughtless comments were. Likewise to this day I'm immensely grateful for friends and relatives who stayed in touch. They allowed me a comfortable zone to express my fears but went on to add every positive word they could think of and ask about plans when treatment finally finished.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry about your friend. Hope things go well.

  3. http://custom-written-papers.org/blog/creative-writing-essay.html Says:

    Maybe we just do not see the whole picture that the government sees and therefore it seems to us that the budget is drawn up incorrectly and incorrectly.

  4. custom writing company narrative paper Says:

    Oh... I believe that your friend will recover and everything will be fine! You should hope for the best!

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