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its gone ...kind off...

April 19th, 2013 at 06:19 am

Yep its gone...ive finally cut it up.....never again will i use my credit card!

This has caused me so much anxiety this week. I nearly gave in on the snowball and contacted a company that do free debt management plans.

I'm not saying they are no good, i just dont think its the route i want to go down and it will still take a lot lot lot longer than the snowball. Just fed up with being so skint all the time Frown

summers coming....but i need it to snow!!

April 17th, 2013 at 02:54 am

Well the car was a total disaster, i told the garage to put it back together and they went ahead and changed the seals and reskimmed the head anyways....(its not even the seals that had gone its the pistons) then the original quote of 380 went up to 525 as they decidced to try and change the oil and filter. Its smoking more now than what it did before they worked on it!! Shouldnt have paid but its a bit akward when its my "friends friend" and they refused to give me my car back....then after i paid he says for another 300 they will sort the pistons out...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a scam....and my car tax is due this month thats about 125 for 6 months!!!

so i was totally unprepared for this bill and yep its gone on the credit card brining my new total to 2498.74. I have tried to apply for credit cards with 0% balance transfers and keep on being declined Frown

so i have just opened an internet savings account with my online banking and called it "snowflakes" i will put any money no matter how little in there and hopefully watch it add up im still aiming to pay my credit card off by 1st December.

the weather is now picking up which means bye bye to the 30 a week on the gas metre!! i should only be putting 15 a week on the metre!! yahoooo!!

The Catalogues are gone......time for a treat!

March 27th, 2013 at 05:20 am

well i made my final payment to freemans today of 270.15p!! I officially do not owe any catalogues money!! i love that feeling i get when i sqish another debt!! Smile

so instead of dwelling on the big car bill that will have to be plonked on the VISA card! ive booked a weekend away to a log cabin by a pond with an outdoor hot tub and free fishing!!!

This was in the sales (probs due to the fact that this is englands coldest march in about 50 years!!

In May i will begin the dreaded task of paying back the credit card debt which is a biggie I'm worried as this one will take forever and wont be such a quick result as my catalogues. Think my credit card will hit the 2grand mark after i have paid for my car repairs.... I really need to concentrate on my snowflakes and if anyone has any suggestions of how to break it down to try and keep me on track i would love to hear ideas and thoughts Smile im thinking maybe blocks of 500 then have a little treat or something?!!!!

im just gona breath its will all be fine!!

March 21st, 2013 at 04:32 am

I've done some maths and budgeting and im going to pay all of my freemans catalogue with my wages next week...

ive already paid my mimimum payment on my credit card for this month and my car repairs will go on next months statement,then next month wage i can pay 334 plus any snowflakes...

it might be a minor set back but its only a month and half extra of paying debt!.....need to stay positive and focused!

then i go forget my lunch at work so im going to have to buy a sandwich!! lol oh well ill just start a fresh next week!!!

oh my days what a terrible day :(

March 20th, 2013 at 12:49 pm

Well just as i thought i had things sorted i now have a flaw in my method Frown

my initial thoughts were i couldn't afford to save up an emergency fund ..so instead i leave the left over of my wages to build up (which isn't that much)

now my cars head gasket has gone and its going to cost 380 quid to fix arrggghhh!!!!

this expense is going to have to go on the credit card Frown having 2 children going without a car just isn't an option for me.

so now my initial thoughts are instead of paying off my lower debt, i pay the interest free payments on those and concentrate on paying all my snowball and snowflakes on my credit card as the interest rate is 39 per cent...!!!

feeling really down, felt like i was actually getting somewhere and now im getting more in debt.....i hope i sleep tonight its just more stress Frown

ive actually stuck to my new years resolutions!!!

March 15th, 2013 at 11:57 am

I've never done a blog in my life.... i want to do this so i can read back and see how far ive come on hopefully to lift my spirits on my down days as the debts come down little by little, month by month.

I was sick and tired of paying the minimum payments on all the balances...I had been doing this for nearly 2 years. i wouldnt even want to do the math on how much Ive paid over that time in interest, some catalogues being 49.9 interest!! Frown

After researching and reading everything i could on the net about getting out of debt, I decided to take the "snowball approach" my start date would be the 1st January 2013.....I listed all my debts which was really hard to see it all written down on paper...i then did my budget sheet and looked at all the things i could do to save money and cut out anything that was not a necessity, my other new years resolution was to quit smoking which ive managed to do!!! take my lunch to work, go for the cheap shampoo and conditioner, cut out my false eyelashes, nails and stopped my nights out with friends (which involves spending money!) and opted for girly wine nights at home and take away and dvd nights with the kids! I set aside 384.80 a month towards my debt and instead of saving an emergency fund i leave the remaining money of my wages in my savings for emergencies for the month, if i dont need it then i let this build up. this then leaves me my tax credits which i get weekly to budget for the week this is to buy food, prepaid gas and electric and travel expenses.

It is really hard at times not being able to take the kids to places or eat out especially since the weather has been so bad. we cant really go to the park but its only for a while and it will be better for us all in the long run.

To stay motivated ive even done a chart which is in stuck the bathroom!!!! Then i can see how far ive come since January!! i get such a sense of relief when payday comes around and i pay the monies of my debts but then waiting for the next payday i become anxious and im constantly doing the math to see if i can pay any extra snowflakes!! i supposed in a way i can be slightly obsessive!

i am due to treat the kids and myself to a good day out next month as this month my very and freemans will be paid off!!! its a long slow process but ive come along way even from January. I have no friends that are going through this and although they congratulate me, i dont think they realise just how hard it is sometimes!!

Heres hoping that i can continue to stick to my 2013 new years resolution!!!