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part intrest free!!

May 15th, 2013 at 06:30 am

i was doing really well with the credit card, but they added 70 in interest this month Frown

after seeing my debt chart on my kitchen cupboard, my son's gran has given me the money to pay off my credit card which is at 34.08% interest and my argos card which is at 29.9% interest and told me to pay her back at 50 a month interest free!! with this large interest out of the way i will be able to concentrate on my halifax overdraft Smile

i would love to be prime minister for a day!!

May 1st, 2013 at 01:57 am

This makes me so angry...think our government need to have a re budget and sort it out!!


The good news is that i have spoken with Halifax who i have an overdraft with and they are willing to stop all interest and charges for a year!!!


April 25th, 2013 at 02:36 am

i dont know what made me check my bank balance at 12 o clock at night...guess i just like to see how many snowflakes ive saved!!! Well bless my dad, he'd put a 1000 in my bank, i paid this off my credit card! so now my balance stands at 1398.72!! I was so over the moon i couldnt sleep!!

But in the morning i had to take my friend to the cancer hospital. after taking nearly a year to diagnose skin cancer, its taken 6 months to get an appointment at the cancer hospital and now hes on a waiting list of another 6 months to have it removed!!! our government is a complete joke, all the MP's robbed thousands of tax payers money claiming back false expenses, then they spend 10,0000 on thatcher's funeral...but they cant staff our hospitals or even clean them......i hate our governmentbut thats another story!!!

i hope me buddy makes a full recovery tho and keeps strong whilst waiting his op.

consider things from another point of view........!!!

March 28th, 2013 at 04:31 am

Well the high feeling of squishing another debt yesterday came crashing down when the garage rang me and informed me its not my head gasket at all its my pistons .....gona be 850 quid!!!! my reply "put it back together!!!" so i now have to pay for them stipping my car and putting it back together again Frown

so after discussions with my dad, he has kindly volunteered to buy me some new pistons and do it himself....(i dont know where id be without my dad!) Its a big job wont have a car for a WHILE!!!!! but at least I will save a fortune on petrol which looking at another point of view is more SNOWFLAKES towards the credit card Smile

Then last week i dropped my iphone4 into my cup of tea....!!! the insurers thought they could fix it but i got a lovely call today informing me that it is actually unfixable, and they will be sending me a brand new iphone 4s on Tuesday.....this is brilliant news, i upgrade in May and will have a 2 month old iphone 4s to sell which should make me 300!!! a lovely snowflake on the credit card ....im feeling impatient but very smiley!!! Smile