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April 25th, 2013 at 02:36 am

i dont know what made me check my bank balance at 12 o clock at night...guess i just like to see how many snowflakes ive saved!!! Well bless my dad, he'd put a 1000 in my bank, i paid this off my credit card! so now my balance stands at 1398.72!! I was so over the moon i couldnt sleep!!

But in the morning i had to take my friend to the cancer hospital. after taking nearly a year to diagnose skin cancer, its taken 6 months to get an appointment at the cancer hospital and now hes on a waiting list of another 6 months to have it removed!!! our government is a complete joke, all the MP's robbed thousands of tax payers money claiming back false expenses, then they spend 10,0000 on thatcher's funeral...but they cant staff our hospitals or even clean them......i hate our governmentbut thats another story!!!

i hope me buddy makes a full recovery tho and keeps strong whilst waiting his op.

its gone ...kind off...

April 19th, 2013 at 06:19 am

Yep its gone...ive finally cut it up.....never again will i use my credit card!

This has caused me so much anxiety this week. I nearly gave in on the snowball and contacted a company that do free debt management plans.

I'm not saying they are no good, i just dont think its the route i want to go down and it will still take a lot lot lot longer than the snowball. Just fed up with being so skint all the time Frown

summers coming....but i need it to snow!!

April 17th, 2013 at 02:54 am

Well the car was a total disaster, i told the garage to put it back together and they went ahead and changed the seals and reskimmed the head anyways....(its not even the seals that had gone its the pistons) then the original quote of 380 went up to 525 as they decidced to try and change the oil and filter. Its smoking more now than what it did before they worked on it!! Shouldnt have paid but its a bit akward when its my "friends friend" and they refused to give me my car back....then after i paid he says for another 300 they will sort the pistons out...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a scam....and my car tax is due this month thats about 125 for 6 months!!!

so i was totally unprepared for this bill and yep its gone on the credit card brining my new total to 2498.74. I have tried to apply for credit cards with 0% balance transfers and keep on being declined Frown

so i have just opened an internet savings account with my online banking and called it "snowflakes" i will put any money no matter how little in there and hopefully watch it add up im still aiming to pay my credit card off by 1st December.

the weather is now picking up which means bye bye to the 30 a week on the gas metre!! i should only be putting 15 a week on the metre!! yahoooo!!